Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

WhatsApp for Android Lets Users Download Deleted Media

WhatsApp for Android Lets Users Download Deleted Media

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android through the Play Store.

As of now, a handful of users have noticed the new feature and using the same, they are able to make and receive payments from their family and friends.

Earlier, whenever the user received files such as images, GIFs and short clips, WhatsApp used to store them on its server (for 30 days) till the time they were downloaded by the user.

WhatsApp has included a new update in its beta version v2.18.111 to re-download the deleted media from any WhatsApp folder along with fixing bugs with the latest update. According to the report, the recipient was able to download media from a text sent 2 months ago but there for the messages dating back to nearly a year, the application asks to request the sender to send the file again. The app will also check if the file is available in the 'sdcard/WhatsApp/' directory before downloading the file. However, with the new feature, you can simply scroll up the chat conversation and download the required media content again.

These timestamps appeared throughout the app, including the WhatsApp Status, messages, and calls.

If you want to request money from any of your contacts go head to settings - Payments - New Payment and scan the QR code or enter the UPI address.

According to the report, this feature was partially available on the chat app before.

WhatsApp now lets its users re-download media content such as images, videos, voice messages and documents from its servers after the content has been deleted from a user's device. This also means that media messages are being stored on the apps's servers and now for a longer period, even after a user has downloaded them.

To be clear, only those messages that are still in your chat log will be downloadable again.

The scanning option is easy to use as it just requires users to point the camera at the QR code to begin the payment transaction.

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