Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Apple CEO lauds gun-control activists; jabs at Google, Facebook

Apple CEO lauds gun-control activists; jabs at Google, Facebook

Apple chooses its products not to be customers, an opinion Cook emphasized again during Duke's graduation ceremony on Sunday. Twittered hammered the nail by admitting the fact that it also sold the data collected from the users.

"Fearless, like the women who say "me too" and 'time's up.' Women who cast light onto dark places and move us to a more just and equal future", Cook continued.

In March, it was revealed that data firm Cambridge Analytica had harvested information belonging to almost 90 million Facebook users - prompting global outrage and forcing CEO Mark Zuckerberg to apologize. When asked in March how he would handle the situation if he was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he told Recode's Kara Swisher and MSNBC's Chris Hayes that he " wouldn't be in this situation".

Cook met with President Trump in the Oval Office on April 28, and until now it has been unknown exactly what the two men talked about, though the White House press secretary did previously confirm the "primary focus and goal of the meeting is to discuss trade". We've elected not to do that'.

Tim Cook has been a vocal critiic of Facebook and Google.

But Zuckerberg hit back, saying: 'You know, I find that argument, that if you're not paying that somehow we can't care about you, to be extremely glib.

He said Apple is "respectful" with user information, a contrast to Facebook, which has been mired in an epic data scandal in recent weeks.

Tim Cook shared the news during an interview with Bloomberg Television, during which he also talked about Apple's original content push and his recent meeting with President Donald Trump. We fail to guarantee the every student the right to a good education. "And no generation has had a chance to change things faster than yours can".

And in 2014, hackers were able to steal nude photos from celebrities' iCloud accounts.

Apple has less need for data after closing its advertising division, iAd, in 2016; and iOS apps are subject to much stricter terms than Android equivalents about what information they can collect.

Cook, who often weighs in on social issues, also used his platform at Duke University to praise the "fearless" women who have spoken out in the #MeToo movement, the Parkland student advocating for tighter gun control, and people who "fight for the rights of immigrants".

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