Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Battlefield V Reveal Event Panel Announced

Battlefield V Reveal Event Panel Announced

As seen in the tweet below from Trevor Noah's official Twitter account, the comic states that Battlefield V's Live Reveal will take place on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, and fans will be able to watch it streaming on the game's YouTube channel.

Trevor Noah, a well-known actor, comedian, tv host, and gamer has confirmed on his official Twitter Profile that he will host the reveal of the new Battlefield game.

The website was discovered thanks to a Battlefield 1 Easter egg was shared on ResetEra. Today, we got some more news about the event.

The site also offers a cryptic message in closing that says "Battlefield will never be the same". However, EA said it will be playable at the upcoming EA Play event and that EA Play attendees will have the chance to play the new "Battlefield" game. In the lead up to the live stream, EA and DICE has posted a mostly cryptic 10 things to look forward to.

Battlefield fans have been clamoring for the next entry in the series for some time now, and EA has finally delivered, as far as what's coming in the future for the shooter franchise. The studio announced that its Q4 and fiscal year earnings were pretty good for the company. Vague "gameplay changes" were also hinted at and will be explained at the event. This game was leaked earlier and confirmed to be set in World War 2 setting. Given the rumblings we've heard recently, I'm almost willing to put money down on that being a reference to a new battle royale mode.

As for Battlefield itself, I used to play BF1 religiously nearly every night, but recent changes to the game's mechanics have left me soured to the point where I've hopped into a game only twice in the last two months.

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