Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Bethesda possibly teases Rage 2 ahead of reveal

Bethesda possibly teases Rage 2 ahead of reveal

Marketing VP Pete Hines has revealed that the upcoming E3 2018 media briefing is going to be the longest ever produced and live-streamed by Bethesda, which only further fuels expectations for the show.

Many took the tweet as a de facto confirmation of the existence of the game, but Bethesda spun elements of that tweet into multiple teases that have stoked rumblings within the gaming community that an announcement from the studio is coming next week. I'm starting to get excited. Might be our longest E3 Showcase ever? "Not sure, but it's packed", he told his followers, without adding more about specific games.

Whilst Bethesda's witty response to Walmart Canada's Rage 2 listing served to offer plenty of laughs for its audience on social media, the publisher didn't exactly deny the leak or the game's existence either.

You can see the images for yourself below, but the current thinking is that it could be either Rage 2 or Starfield related. Big Ben's clock is pointed to 5:14, and 5-14 is written on the side of the rocket. The neon pink paint used to "graffiti" the listing is also a notable detail because, following this, the Bethesda Twitter account has been sending out a series of images which all feature the same shade.

Because of the 5.14 time, fans are speculating that the new game will be revealed on May 14. Much stranger things have happened, so we wouldn't rule it out, especially since Bethesda is planning to go big at E3 this year. The tweets show Rage characters and they have clear signs of another Rage title.

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