Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Dog dives into pool to save drowning friend

Dog dives into pool to save drowning friend

A viral video shows a hero dog saving his buddy after it fell into a backyard pool and could have drowned.

Remus appears to try and pull Smokey out of the pool, but his attempts fail so instead he jumps in and pushes Smokey out of the water.

The unimaginable video was captured by Laurie and her husband Jay Becerra on safety digicam, reported.

The pup's owner, Laurie Becerra, said her husband, Jay, was in the house for a few minutes and the pups must have come through the fence. She wrote that the two dogs often play near the pool without incident, but added in a comment on the video that she had ordered Smokey a life jacket just to be safe.

At one point, Remus moves a little to the left, and a struggling Smokey slowly paddles toward him.

It's a rescue seen all over the internet, and one you have to see to believe.

"Remus may be a insane pup but he's got a heart of gold!" Smokey climbed out, and Remus followed behind him. My best friend cried when we sent him the video.

Smokey had fallen into the swimming pool by accident when the two were playing in the back yard. "He said that the dog is a real certified lifeguard".

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