Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Donald Glover Is Purposely Avoiding 'This Is America' Comments

Donald Glover Is Purposely Avoiding 'This Is America' Comments

If current projections hold true, there's a very strong chance that the new Childish Gambino single-bolstered by an instaclassic Hiro Murai video-will take the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 from longtime owner Drake. As he sat down with Kimmel, Glover touched on his viral hit, the "This Is America" music video.

Donald Glover dropped by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night for a chat about Atlanta, music, Stevie Wonder, Lando Calrissian, and his buzzy, confrontational music video for "This Is America".

You've probably seen a few of these analyses online, or the Twitter thread from Dear White People creator Justin Simien dissecting the imagery, but apparently Glover hasn't dived in.

"Some friends have sent a couple [pieces], but for real, I haven't been on the Internet since [before hosting last week's Saturday Night Live]", the 34-year-old entertainer told Jimmy.

And then I think, lastly, but what I really challenge people on is, you know, art is going to make people uncomfortable at times. "I don't want to be... it's bad for me. That baby's not even that cute!" The video features a chaotic assemblage of images that reflect topics affecting the black community in America, including police brutality and gun violence. In less than a week, it's amassed more than 73 million views on YouTube and busted all of Gambino's previous records of the video platform.

But there's little rest for Glover in this business.

So he doesn't like seeing mean things being said about him?

Watch various cuts from Kimmel below.

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