Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Google I/O 2018 Complete Wrap Up: Everything You Need To Know

Google I/O 2018 Complete Wrap Up: Everything You Need To Know

Android: Earlier this year, Google offered app developers (and adventurous fans) an early look at Android P. The technology makes use of a natural speech pattern that consists of affirmations and hesitations such as "erm", making it almost impossible to differentiate from an actual human call.

Google also rolled out a new version of its Google News at the I/O 2018. Google has already used the the Material Theming plugin to remake its own apps and websites such as new Gmail. This feature is not expected to roll out anytime soon, but it is something that Google is working very hard to develop for both business and consumers.

App Actions is a feature that will pop up suggested actions based on your usage history. The company already has access to nearly everything you do in a day, but should it also know each and every appointment you're setting? This broad formulation allows for the contemplation of many such tests, though the general test case presented in discussion is a conversation between a researcher and a computer in which the computer responds to questions. In fact, Google included singer John Legend's voice. Google has set a monumental task for itself- perfecting all accents and languages around the world. Other features that will be coming to Google Assistant are 'Multiple Actions' support that allows different commands to be handled at the same time, and 'Pretty please', which seeks to inculcate politeness in kids through positive reinforcement. You can also access more than 1,000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimised reading format.

One of the most interesting events from the keynote was when Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai played a recording of Google Assistant calling a hair salon to make an appointment. How will Google verify that an OEM is providing regular updates? Many who heard about the new service thought there should be a disclosure to the people with whom the assistant interacts. The Wear OS Developer Preview 2, or DP2 which is made available for many smartwatches and other timepieces is here and brings forth a lot of changes. Then the company approaches it's access shortcuts which open to you the five apps the Operating system thinks you most likely want and product development.

What do you think about the notch displays?

Android P also has a new navigation system that will make multitasking easier by placing emphasizing gestures instead of buttons.

Do Not Disturb is one great feature that helps you keep you away from the annoying notifications and calls, while you are busy or sleeping.

You don't need a notched phone to enjoy the notch. Along with that, there's now also a new dashboard that shows you stats of how much time you spend on a particular app.

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