Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Group condemns african nations presence at US embassy Jerusalem opening

Group condemns african nations presence at US embassy Jerusalem opening

The United Nations resolutions are based on the following principles: A Palestinian State and an Israeli State based on the 1967 lines; Jerusalem as the capital of both States; an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories; and the return of Palestinian refugees.

In an interview with Baladna TV, a private Palestinian news outlet that broadcasts via Facebook, senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil said 50 out of the almost 60 protesters killed Monday were Hamas members, with the others being "from the people".

The video of the captured terrorist, with an incendiary kite with swastikas drawn on it in the background, was shot Tuesday.

"As Nehawu, we support the call for an inquiry into the bloodshed". Most live in Jordan, followed by the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Syria, Lebanon and East Jerusalem.

"Hamas tell themselves, instead of having people revolt and turn against us, we'll send them to the fence and let them "revolt" there freely", he said.

He said Hamas instructs women and children to move close to the border fence, assuring them that the Israel Defense Forces soldiers do not shoot women and children.

In response, an IDF tank fired on a Hamas military position in the northern Gaza Strip, the military said.

"If Hamas wants to use that as an excuse to rile people up and to encourage violence, that is their choice".

"The branding of the riots as "peaceful protests" could not be further from the truth", an Israeli military spokesman said.

Thousands of Palestinians, however, responded by rioting near the Gaza border, some armed with firebombs and other explosive devices.

Eight-month-old Leila al-Ghandour died after inhaling tear gas during the major protests. The doctor spoke of the child's condition under anonymity since he's technically unable to disclose medical information to the media.

The Palestinian Authority, nevertheless, has declared three days of mourning for what it describes as a "massacre" of its people by Israeli forces. South Africa recalled its ambassador to Israel, Turkey temporarily expelled Israel's ambassador, Israel asked the Turkish consul general in Jerusalem to leave, and the Palestinian envoy to Washington was recalled to Ramallah.

The Palestinians, who want their own future state with its capital in East Jerusalem, have been outraged by Mr Trump's shift from previous administrations' preference for keeping the USA embassy in Tel Aviv pending progress in peace efforts.

Indyk said the decision "hasn't advanced peace at all".

During the protests in Venezuela previous year, Haley blasted the country's government for "destroying human rights and democracy" through "a campaign of violence and intimidation against unarmed demonstrators, businesses, civil society and freely elected political opposition".

"This deception does not fool the Palestinian public", he said.

Ireland has called for an independent global investigation into the deaths, with the United Nations taking the lead.

In her remarks before the vote, Haley blamed Hamas for the deaths. "Make no mistake, Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday". "It all boils down to the fact of making a choice - are we going to side with the strong or side with those who are right?" "No one would", said Haley.

Israel isn't a U.N. Security Council member, nor are the Palestinians.

"Rather, the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of Israel in any location".

As the US opened its new embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, Palestinians saw the deadliest day since the Gaza war in 2014.

In all, the Hamas health ministry is claiming 62 people were killed on May 14.

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