Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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'Hero' pilot lands safely a plane with broken cockpit window

'Hero' pilot lands safely a plane with broken cockpit window

Many devices were malfunctioned and the plane was jolting strongly. None of the 128 passengers on board were injured, and they took another flight to their destination, according to reports. He survived the incident, which occurred on a BAC-111 jet.

The co-pilot Xu reportedly suffered scratches on the face and the chest and is now hospitalised in Chengdu, according to state broadcaster Central China Television Station.

"The windshield has not recorded any failures, nor did it require any maintenance and replacement work" before the incident, Tang Weibin said.

The airline will soon conduct an investigation, and the Sichuan Airlines incident happened almost one month after a woman died on a Southwest Airlines flight when her window broke. "It was very hard to control".

Some 27 received medical check-ups at a hospital in Chengdu, where the plane made its emergency landing, according to the South China Morning Post. The passenger, Jennifer Riordan, later died.

On the Southwest Airlines flight, an engine part broke midair and shattered the window.

In all the chaos, the co-pilot was miraculously pulled back into the cabin.

A day after Monday's incident, some state media outlets warned that the chorus of praise should not deflect people from finding the cause of the accident.

"The cockpit window broke all of a sudden, followed by a loud noise", Liu told state media.

The harrowing incident comes almost a month after a woman on a Southwest Airlines flight from NY died after shrapnel from a blown engine smashed her window, forcing out part of her body.

According to an earlier report by Xinhua, the captain issued an "Squawk 7700" emergency code after the window shattered, alerting the air traffic control facilities of the risky situation.

Then, on April 25, a Flybe flight in England made an emergency landing after the cockpit windshield cracked shortly after takeoff.

One of the plane's windshields reportedly shattered about one hour into the flight when the Airbus A319 was flying over the city of Chengdu.

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