Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Instagram adds emoji slider as another way to poll followers

Instagram adds emoji slider as another way to poll followers

How hot is the newest Instagram feature going to be?

Instagram has revealed a new "emoji slider" feature that allows users to create and interact with polls using emojis. You'll have to ask your friends on the app to weigh in - and now, you can.

Similar to how poll stickers would let you know which option your followers selected, emoji sliders will let you know how far individual followers moved the scale.

To add an emoji slider sticker to your story, select it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video.

This is gonna be yuge.

Today's updates are available as part of Instagram version 16 and above in Apple's App Store and Google Play. Write a question and choose the emoji you would like to use. A new slider sticker will allow users to tell you how they feel about something, whether it be a new food kick or that fresh mixtape your favorite artist just dropped. For example, how badly do your girlfriends want to go on a date tonight? As with the poll, you can see just how much everyone of the people who voted care about something.

According to a press release from the company, you can ask your followers something like, "How does this pizza look?" and your friends can answer by sliding the emoji of your choosing to the right level. There you'll see everything you need to get the best answer for your question.

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