Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Koreas agree to hold high-level talks

The meeting will mark the first high-level contact between the two Koreas since the landmark summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae In at Panmunjeom on April 27.

In another report on Monday, researchers say that North Korea has already begun the dismantling of its nuclear test site in preparation for their formal agreement to de-nuclearize.

President Donald Trump is set to make history on June 12 in Singapore by meeting Kim Jong Un in a high-stakes diplomatic summit - but it could be destined to fail.

During a central committee meeting of the Workers' Party last month, Kim vowed to focus on boosting the North's economy, which has been crippled by tightened global sanctions, while suspending nuclear and missile tests and closing a key atomic experiment facility.

The prime minister also said he will fully cooperate for the upcoming US-North Korean summit so that it will provide an opportunity for progress and settlement on the North Korean issues.

Trump past year pressured the United Nations Security Council to cut off most of North Korea's exports and curb fuel imports to stop Kim from pursuing the capability to strike the U.S. with a nuclear weapon. "It remains to be seen what they are capable Kim Jong-UN", saying in the White house.

Kim has also twice visited China after failing to pay his respects to President Xi Jinping in the six years since he inherited power from his father.

Kim could play Trump by making it look like he's the one who ruins the talks. "And that's why it's important to test whether, in fact, North Korea has made a strategic decision to give up weapons of mass destruction".

Washington's top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, said on Sunday private companies may be allowed to invest in North Korea's power grid and agricultural sectors if the country abandons its nuclear weapons program.

Still, Pompeo's comments in a separate interview with Fox News Sunday spurred questions about whether the U.S. would accept a deal that simply prevents North Korea from being able to hit the American homeland with a nuclear bomb. With the end of that deal comes the reintroduction of crippling economic sanctions which will serve to isolate, deplete and place strain on the crumbling Iran economy - the same type of sanctions which have finally brought North Korea to the negotiating table.

Narang said that more likely, Kim and Trump will partake in a photo shoot with handshakes and kind words.

What is notable is that such a deal means at least partially decoupling the US from its regional allies in South Korea and Japan.

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