Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Man in NY restaurant threatens to call ICE on people speaking Spanish

Man in NY restaurant threatens to call ICE on people speaking Spanish

A white man, upset that employees at a NY breakfast restaurant were speaking Spanish, was recorded on Tuesday threatening to call agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain the workers and otherwise ranting about the employees speaking a language other than English. He says they were speaking Spanish to customers too, which if they were, assumes those customers also spoke Spanish.

The video starts with a man in a white collared shirt confronting employees and customers in the restaurant.

Maybe you should get hit by a auto you piece of shit.

'I will be following up because my guess is there not documented and my next call will be to ICE, ' Schlossberg says. If they have the balls to come here and live off my money-I pay for their welfare. A woman who answered the phone hung up twice then transferred the call to voicemail on the third try. The lunatic said, "I am a citizen here, you're not". She responded, "Maybe you should get hit by a auto!"

People who know the attorney have reached out to King, who has tweeted out other videos of Schlossberg behaving badly - his disdain for immigrants and foreigners appears to be nothing new.

In a Facebook post, Suazo said his wife and her best friend were talking to a waiter in Spanish when the man butted in and angrily demanded that they speak English. "I wish someone tells me I can't speak in my native language!" (Honestly, has he spent any time in NY?) In the United States, there are more than 38 million Spanish speakers. Keeping your voice at a certain level is important, as well as making eye contact with other people who are there to see if they will join you in intervening.

As you can imagine, once Schlossberg was identified from Wednesday's video at Fresh Kitchen, his Yelp reviews immediately went into the toilet.

In a statement to Eater, Fresh Kitchen commented that it "welcomes everyone from all different type of culture, especially in New York City" and called the man's comments "not right at all". At the office of the firm identified on social media, an administrator firmly asked a reporter to leave because it was private property.

"It's what makes this city great". "They're all New Yorkers and they're all welcome here", de Blasio wrote yesterday afternoon.

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