Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Mass Australian shooting leaves four children dead

Mass Australian shooting leaves four children dead

After 5 a.m. the police were called on Friday to the home of Cynda and Peter Miles in Osmington which is a village near the tourist town of Margaret River, 170 miles south of Perth.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson stated Mr Miles was licensed to personal the weapons and investigators weren't on the lookout for every other suspects, however key forensic proof was nonetheless being combed by means of.

Cynda Miles lived at the rural property where seven people were found dead.

Police were attempting to make contact with the victims' relatives, Mr Dawson said.

Dawson did not identify the victims.

Crime-scene and homicide detectives were called to investigate.

Police said two firearms were also found at the scene.

Peter Miles, the children's grandfather and Cockman's father-in-law, was also found dead on the property from suspected suicide.

"I have come here in my role as police commissioner to provide support to the community, first responders, the family of the victims and all of those who are really feeling the devastating impact of this awful tragedy".

Police confirmed they believe the killer to be among the dead.

This is Australia's worst mass shooting since a massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania, claimed the lives of 35 people in 1996. That event was the catalyst for a significant strengthening of the country's gun laws an ambitious gun buyback program.

Australia's gun laws are widely acclaimed as a success, with supporters including former United States president Barack Obama saying Australia has not had a single mass shooting since they were implemented.

An opinion piece by Siraj Hashmi, published in the Washington Examiner on Friday, notes that Australia is often touted by U.S. gun control advocates as "the shining role model" to reduce mass shootings since its 1996 gun buyback program.

Seven people have been killed in what could be the worst mass shooting in Australia in 20 years.

Longarm weapons are shot from the shoulder, such as rifles or shotguns and are common on farms. There was, of course, opposition to the new gun restrictions: Gun owners argued that the laws would not reduce gun crime and would unfairly penalize law-abiding sport-shooters.

He said only one person was located outside of the buildings. Her children, Ryan, Taye, Ayre and Kadyn, were aged between eight and 13. The children were all home-schooled.

The four children were believed to have had autism.

Osmington has just 135 population and mostly consists of farming properties and vineyards.

A temporary support centre has been set up in Margaret River after the tragedy.

"The members of this family were deeply connected to the town of Margaret River", Commissioner Dawson said.

"Many people who know the family are deeply feeling the loss and the community understandably do want answers".

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