Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Meet Cullinan, the First Rolls-Royce SUV

Meet Cullinan, the First Rolls-Royce SUV

"The super-luxury lifestyle is evolving and Rolls-Royce is in the lead", said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, in a press conference in London Thursday.

The Cullinan is Rolls' first offering to get all-wheel drive and also features self-levelling air suspension which provides the "Magic Carpet" ride quality across multiple terrain conditions.

There is also an "Off-Road" button which upon activation will let the owners drive over practically anything - gravel, wet grass, mud, rough track, snow, or sand. The ability to drive through water almost two feet deep is not usually one of them.

As expected of Rolls-Royce, which is still based in England but owned by Germany's BMW, the Cullinan takes passenger comfort to extremes.

The brand had also unveiled for the first time the Cullinan gets a smart-looking tail-gate mounted seats and a table. This two-box layout is noisy (because your luggage is rattling around in the extended cabin) has poor acoustics, and is hard to air condition effectively.

Rolls-Royce built the Cullinan using a three-box design, featuring a glass rear partition wall separating passengers from the luggage compartment.

It also means that when you arrive at Gstaad for the skiing, the cabin stays toasty warm, even with the tailgate standing open while the ski-lodge porter unloads your Louis Vuittons. When the seats are folded down, there is a staggering 21 cubic feet of cargo space.

But the seat backs are still higher than the floor of the luggage compartment, preventing parcels and playtoys from sliding forward under braking and banging up against the backs of the front seats. That method, these inside are shielded from attainable harsh climate whereas baggage, or art work, or what have you ever, is loaded into the again. Because Rolls Royce wanted to give the Cullinan string bottom-end torque, they have tuned the V12 to produce all of its torque from as low as 1,600rpm.

Even getting into the Cullinan is different; hit the "Unlock" button on the key fob or reach out to the stainless-steel door handle and the vehicle switches itself on, lowers itself by 40mm and opens the rear-hung rear door to welcome you. That's thanks to the all-wheel-drive SUV's self-leveling air suspension.

Return a century and Rolls-Royce has a historical past of tackling tough terrain. Even ultra luxury automakers such as Rolls Royce have been swept up in the SUV wave.

For drivers, the Cullinan is loaded with night vision (that includes a "nighttime wildlife" setting), an alertness assistant for when you're exhausted, a four-camera parking system with panoramic view, and Wi-Fi and entertainment systems.

And finally, the doors wrap around under the sills, so no matter how muddy the Cullinan gets on the way there, you can always get out without dirtying your trouser legs.

Rolls-Royce has gone into overdrive to mark the launch of its first 4x4.

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