Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Microsoft's lighter, higher-resolution Surface Hub 2 will ship in 2019

Microsoft's lighter, higher-resolution Surface Hub 2 will ship in 2019

Microsoft also said that it teamed up with Steelcase for a series of rolling stands and mounts so the devices can be easily moved. The new interface of Microsoft, Surface Hub 2 is the next-generation tool for a collaborative workspace.

Right now, Microsoft is being tight-lipped about the version of Windows 10 and hardware specs being used by the Surface Hub 2.

Microsoft on Tuesday described the Surface Hub 2, its next video-conferencing and whiteboarding big-screen touch device for meeting rooms. This device brings out the best bits of the Surface Hub 1 and advances all the parts that needed advancing.

Surface Hub created an entirely new device category and the software giant is taking the experience to the next level with the latest model.

Coming out roughly three years after the original Surface Hub's Canadian launch, this new version looks to improve on numerous issues that surfaced with the 2015 Hub. Within Tiling, the team can boost their creativity and performance via to working simultaneously across Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerBI, PowerPoint, and a full view video call.

Coming in at 50.5-inch with a 4K+ display, the new Surface Hub 2 boasts a handsome design with tiny bezels that offer an immersive collaboration experience. While it still hasn't succeeded with smartphones, Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Book are awesome devices. It comes with Windows 10, Microsoft Whiteboard, Cloud, Microsoft Teams and Office 365. The Surface Hub 2 will be thinner and lighter than the original.

A few weeks back, Microsoft announced that the Surface Hub stock was running low and that the device would soon be almost impossible to buy. The Surface Hub 2 has faster processors than the original.

With the Surface Hub 2, the upcoming device will support multi-user sign-ins. It will begin testing the device with select commercial customers this year and it will be available to purchase in 2019.

Ultimately, Seiler thinks the Surface Hub 2 is going to make some waves in business, thanks in large part to its flippy-floppy flexibility.

Multiple users will be able to sign into a shared Surface Hub 2 workspace to collaborate; it's not clear if that's mandatory to call in to it or just a perk.

Panos Panay, Microsoft's Chief Product Officer informed that the company has already sold over 5000 units of Microsoft Surface Hub across 25 markets worldwide.

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