Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Minecraft Cross-Platform Play Comes To Nintendo Switch In June

Minecraft Cross-Platform Play Comes To Nintendo Switch In June

Explore randomly generated worlds and build awesome things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles.

The Bedrock Update for Minecraft on Switch will not just allow for cross-platform play with your friends all across other versions of the game that share the update, but will also include the additions of Gamerscore and Achievements to track their progress, as well as access to the community-run Minecraft Marketplace. There will also be a physical version released via the usual retailers.

At the end of last week, Microsoft announced that the next update for Minecraft, Update Aquatic, would be the final update to come to non-Bedrock versions of the block building game.

It also features Marketplace which will allow players and creators to buy and sell maps, texture packs and unique skins which will be available on all platforms having the Bedrock update.

Better Together was launched on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android past year and is (as its alternate name Bedrock suggests) created to be the unifying base for all versions of Minecraft in the future. Nintendo's E3 2018 video presentation is focused on Switch titles with a spotlight on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game, but there may be a mention about when this Minecraft update will occur, so stay tuned on June 12 for that information.

Thankfully, we now know when Minecraft on Switch is updating to Bedrock, and how it's going to work for existing owners of the game.

"Bringing the definitive version of Minecraft to Nintendo Switch is a huge step forward in our journey to unite Minecraft players across any device", said Phil Spencer, head of gaming for Microsoft.

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