Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Mother's Day Became Official Holiday in 1914

Mother's Day Became Official Holiday in 1914

Met with an onslaught of spring- and summer-season days commemorating other things - Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th - many children (maybe even you) have bemoaned the lack of existence of a "Kid's Day", only to be told "Every day is Kid's Day". You wouldn't even be breathing. According to Save the Children's latest State of the World's Mothers report, published in 2015, the U.S. ranks 33rd (pdf, p. 11) for quality of life for mothers-behind all other industrialized countries. Every mother is unique in that she gives of herself so completely to her kids!

I wasn't going to settle for that diplomatic sidestep. Investing in families today helps create a better tomorrow.

The social activist was frustrated by the capitalist exploitation of the holiday and went on the dedicate the rest of her life to fighting against commercialization. Mothers can replace anybody in our life but nobody can replace our mother.

She also went after the greeting card industry, saying: "A maudlin, insincere printed card or ready-made telegram means nothing except that you're too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone else in the world".

How much more of a reminder do we need to know that a mother's love should never be taken for granted?

Today we are reminded of their importance. Now, I'm more focused on saving for her, opening education accounts, and buying things she wants and needs to make her comfortable. The feelings you feel don't have to be good ones to be honored. Think about what she'd like before rushing to embrace a new tradition.

"(At my Major League Baseball debut) It's a dream come true for the both of us. "When we were anxious about something, Mom would say, 'Don't worry. Missing you, cant wait to come back and trouble you, a whole months quota awaits you!"

Sonu Sood: Wish you could feed me all my life. Nanny you always disciplined me and never wanted me to have a bad company. My dad was at work and my mom and me were out there with a yellow playmate big barrel bat in the front yard. Children made some nice Sunday plans to make their moms feels special on their special day.

In each case, though, there's always room and the possibility for improvement. You give love, you teach loving values and work hard in the midst of judgement and criticism to be a Mom. She would stop what she was doing to pick us up when we needed a ride. Volunteerism has been a very important part of my life as an adult. "It was so engraved in me that-at 83 years of age -I still must do it when I receive a gift", Slye said. I was a volunteer in the West Chester District Attorney's office and I help with projects at my church, such as a Christmastime "giving tree" project and a community food drive. I grew up with my grandmother and my aunty dem and the struggle was real. I am so lucky to have found a mother in my nanny. When King Solomon threatens to divide the living child into two pieces, the real mother of the child said, 'Please, my Lord, give her the living boy; certainly do not kill him!' (1st King 3: 16-27).

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