Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Motorola's Upcoming Foldable Smartphone Can Turn Into Tablet; New Patent Reveals

Motorola's Upcoming Foldable Smartphone Can Turn Into Tablet; New Patent Reveals

Folding phones and tablets are a hot trend, with companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Motorola all said to be working on their own foldable devices. A new patent application from Microsoft reveals that the company might use three screens for the device, including a small display right in the hinge. We recently told you about some rumored specs for Samsung's foldable Galaxy X phone, expected now to be unveiled next February. According to the findings at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the hinge would sport a similar design as seen on the Lenovo Yoga Android tablet. In this sense, the patents that are emerging about the Surface Phone, from its foldable Courier-like concept before to its hinge-mounted third display today, are encouraging. It is possible that Motorola might have moved past it.

Motorola has filed a patent with WIPO on September 13, 2016, for a foldable smartphone that can be unfolded as a tablet. At present, when most smartphones have focused on giving large displays, increasing the screen size would make the device larger, while the foldable option tackles this problem by giving a larger screen at a compact size. This wouldn't be the first device to include some sort of 3D image capture as the LG G Slate had two cameras on the back that were for this exact objective, but it wasn't a feature which really took off with consumers, so it also wasn't implemented in many devices.

Apart from the design, the device will have wireless charging support. It essentially means that what you see on this particular screen will depend on whether you have the device opened in tablet mode, "tent mode", or have the screens opened like a book. As per the patent application, the information found on the third screen depends on the state of the hinge.

There is no mention yet when Lenovo-Motorola will reveal a working foldable phone.

Presently Microsoft has filed four patents for foldable smartphones implementing Windows 10 that would be groundbreaking and state-of-the-art.

Foldable devices with dual displays could have a significant role in the future of computing, as not only Microsoft but also other electronics giants have been working on ways to bring the concept to real-life products.

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