Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

Nipah kills one more in Kerala, toll touches 12

Nipah kills one more in Kerala, toll touches 12

The Nipah virus (NiV) is one of the deadliest viruses outhere.

However the state's department of health and family welfare is claiming that Kerala is safe and the situation is under control, it has urged travelers to be extra careful while visiting especially Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur districts.

Nipah can be spread by fruit bats, pigs and through human-to-human contact. Symptoms can vary from acute respiratory infection to fatal encephalitis. How did Nipah Virus spread in India and what can the authorities do to control it from further spreading? Eating food which may have the droplets of saliva of infected bats can lead to the transmission of the virus.

Directions have been given to continue vigil and to strengthen the state's monitoring mechanism, besides increasing awareness about the virus and strengthening precautionary measures, a government press release said.

Health officials are investigating the outbreak in Kerala, where the first death was witnessed last week, have traced it to a well overspread with bats from which the victim drew water. "This year there has been too many deaths of bats".

A total of 10 persons have died in Kerala's Kozhikode district due to viral fever. Of the 13 confirmed cases, 11 people have died so far.

Choubey said hospitals in public and private sectors have been provided with personal protective equipment and appropriate steps to contain this virus have been taken.

Funeral of Mossa Nipah virus victim
Funeral of Mossa Nipah virus victim

There is no vaccine for the virus, which can cause raging fevers, convulsions and vomiting, and kills up to 75 percent of people who come down with it.

Nipah Virus can spread fast and impact both the respiratory and neurological systems.

According to the World Health Organization, the fruit bat is the natural host of the virus and often do not display any symptoms.

"It (outbreak of Nipah virus) is a localised occurrence and there is no need to panic", the minister said.

Extending a helping hand to the family of nurse Lini Puthussery, who died after contracting Nipah from her patients, the Kerala government on Wednesday made a decision to give a government job to her husband and Rs 10 lakh each to two of their children.

There is now no vaccine or drug available for humans or animals and the main treatment is intensive support care for those who are suffering from respiratory and neurologic problems.

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