Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Port Elizabeth protest calls for worldwide response on Gaza

Port Elizabeth protest calls for worldwide response on Gaza

According to a statement released by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization's office in Washington, Husam Zomlot, would be leaving the United States on Wednesday.

The demonstration was arranged by the Ireland-Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and also marked 70 years since Nakba - or the catastrophe - for Palestinians, the term used to make the events of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, in which hundreds of thousands fled or were forced from their homes.

A relative of Palestinian Ahmed al-Rantisi, killed during a protest at the Israel-Gaza border, is consoled at a hospital in the northern Gaza Strip on May 14, 2018. But not until they accept that the Israel they loathe is in the neighborhood to stay.

The US President said that Palestinian group Hamas were entirely to blame for the killings. "They're not doing anything".

"I was born before the 1967 occupation". U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley echoed Netanyahu, saying Israel was trying to defend its borders.

Kuwait, the only Arab nation with a current seat on the Security Council, said it would circulate a draft resolution on "providing worldwide protection to the Palestinian people".

"Our government and other governments, United States and European governments and so on, should apply pressure to implement worldwide law", Zayid said.

"How many more Palestinians have to die before you take action?" he said to the Council members, who are responsible for maintaining global peace and security. "And Israel is in a very hard situation, when probably large numbers of people want to enter Israel from a place that has been threatening Israel for some years now", Hoyer said to The Intercept.

Ankara said that US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and open an embassy there was "violating global law and all relevant UN Resolutions". "There is no such thing".

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said earlier expressed his "profound shock" at the killings in Gaza and said that nothing he had seen from the protesters had justified that response from Israeli troops. "It's a huge challenge for us to cope with this number of injuries".

The dead from Monday's violence included eight children under the age of 16, according to Palestinian sources. "All parties to the conflict have a responsibility to ensure civilians are protected".

Freeland's response was criticized for using a passive voice, and failing to condemn Israel for the violence. Palestinians had gathered in their tens of thousands to denounce the move by the USA to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the United States continues to sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to Israel, even as USA laws governing arms exports prohibit US-made weapons from being misused on civilians, and US-backed militaries from violating human rights.

The emergency meeting of the Security Council was called by Kuwait to discuss the unrest at Israel's border with Gaza that has killed at least 60 Palestinians and left thousands wounded after Israeli soldiers and snipers fired into a surging crowd of demonstrators Monday.

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