Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Primary Election Day less than two weeks away

Primary Election Day less than two weeks away

With all Boone County candidates filed as Republicans, it's probably not a surprise that 90 percent of ballots cast early in the preferential primary election are in the Republican primary. "I think the general election is really going to be about whether or not voters in the state of OH think Donald Trump is doing a good job, think he's leading us in the right direction, and I think that's going to end up probably having a negative impact for the Republican Party". Some 80 percent of registered Republican voters in California approve of the president, according to recent polling, a fact that was clear in San Diego this weekend as the state GOP convened for its spring convention.

Tyler County had the highest turnout of 38.48 percent.

They're nipping closer at the heels of Republicans; that party now outpaces independents by just 30,000 voters. Gonzalez will face medical sales businesswoman Susan Moran Palmer, who won the six-candidate Democratic primary.

But longtime Republican strategist Mark Weaver says as usual, the primary victors will move more toward the center, and messages about support for Trump will be marketed straight at Trump voters.

"I don't want to throw the "M" word around - "majority" - but with every news cycle where that guy in the White House does something even crazier than before ... a monumental pickup seems more and more a possibility", Nathan Davidson, executive director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, said of capturing a significant number of Republican seats.

In the United States Senate, although there are some promising signs for a Democratic upset, several left-leaning senators are at risk for defeat. Democrat voters will choose between Paul Walker, an English professor at Murray State University, and Alonzo Pennington, a musician from Princeton.

The May 22 Primary Runoff Election is still on with early voting starting Monday, May 14. In 2016, Issa's district voted for Hillary Clinton by 7.5 points.

Voters can also apply in person from 8 5 p.m. weekdays at the elections division in the Hall of Administration, Lower Plaza, 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura.

Obama suffered broad losses in Congress and in statehouses during the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, an outcome Trump hopes to avoid. As the Autopsy report said, "Emerging sectors of the electorate are compelling the Democratic Party to come to terms with adamant grassroots rejection of economic injustice, institutionalized racism, gender inequality, environmental destruction and corporate domination. Independent voters are less likely than partisan voters to say a candidate's support for or opposition to President Trump will make the biggest difference (17 percent)". Gibbons raised funds for Trump's presidential campaign. Tonight, those seats are expected to be filled with mostly faithful Trump followers. Though 88 percent oppose California's main sanctuary measure, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez of Oceanside, who is running for Congress and showed up toward the end of the convention, is one of the remaining 12 percent. On the Democratic side, Manchin is projected to beat challenger Paula Swearengin, according to NBC.

In the US Senate race, Jim Renacci garnered 1,393 Republican votes followed by Mike Gibbons, 668; Melissa Ackison, 278; Don Elijah Eckhart, 77; Dan Kiley, 66; and write-in, 2.

"Because we maintained neutrality, we were not pushing the vote out".

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