Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

PUBG Brings Popular War Mode Back For A Limited Time

PUBG Brings Popular War Mode Back For A Limited Time

PUBG releasing a new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patch for the Xbox One that improves optimization and performance on the console version. It's live now all weekend until May 6 at 7pm PST / May 7 at 3am BST. The popular battle royale shooter has made more money through in-game purchases versus PUBG Mobile.

Player trading is also how skin gambling sites are able to deliver the items they promise, which are typically handled by bots with accounts only set up for moving skins between players. While it suffers from some nasty recoil issues, it does boast more firepower than the SKSs and is probably something you should snap up. If a team does not reach the 200-point threshold in 15 minutes, the highest-scoring team wins.

Because the moment-to-moment action of War Mode: Desert Knights is so unpredictable, there isn't a great formula for success.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile had been installed by 22 million people when they began monetizing, this translates to a little over 3 cents for each person that downloaded the game, which is also free-to-play. Some players hated Miramar so much they deleted the map from their game files to avoid playing on it, so map selection is likely to prove a popular feature. Especially if you're skilled with a sniper rifle, it's smart to accumulate kills by finding a nook in a populated area and picking off several opponents at once. Keep your snipers on the outside and have your SMG squad members report the location of the best lineup. The first - and potentially biggest change - comes in the form of a change of scenery.

"Starting today, we're going to temporarily turn off access to "personal trades" for all PUBG items".

It'll be interesting to see if Fortnite will maintain its lead over PUBG in the future, but you can bet this won't be the last that we hear of either title.

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