Published: Wed, May 30, 2018
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'Roseanne' canceled at ABC after star's racist tweet

'Roseanne' canceled at ABC after star's racist tweet

On Tuesday morning, Roseanne Barr issued a tweet attacking Valerie Jarrett, who served as White House adviser to former President Barack Obama, describing Jarrett as looking like the Muslim Brotherhood and "Planet of the Apes" "had a baby".

Valerie Jarrett, the target of the joke, is set to take part in an MSNBC town hall on racism Monday night. "I'm fine. I'm anxious about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers coming to their defense".

ABC Entertainment's president said the network has made a decision to cancel the reboot of her show.

Barr's tweet suggested that Jarrett is a product of the Muslim brotherhood and the "Planet of the Apes".

'I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.

Hannity said Barr's remarks comparing Jarrett to an ape were "outrageous" and that she was right to apologize.

After one of the greatest television success stories in recent memory came to a screeching halt, thanks to a single tweet from star Roseanne Barr on Tuesday, "Roseanne" actress Sandra Bernhard reacts.

The backtrack was not enough for her colleague Wanda Sykes, however.

The original "Roseanne" aired from 1988 to 1997.

The Roseanne reboot premiered to record ratings for the network in March, totaling over 27.2 million telecast viewers according to Forbes.

Barr ran for president herself with the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012, and voted for Obama before becoming a vocal Trump supporter, saying she wanted him to "shake up" the status quo.

Sara's message comes not long after ABC confirmed they had cancelled Roseanne in the wake of the tweets.

The nine-episode reboot was an out-of-the-box hit for the Disney-owned network, which renewed the show after airing just one episode.

"And, in fact, it was working-class people who elected Trump, so I felt like that was very real and something that needed to be discussed", she added.

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