Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Senate Approves Haspel As CIA Boss

Senate Approves Haspel As CIA Boss

She again stopped short of declaring the program immoral and even suggested that members of Congress would have approved of waterboarding, anal feeding and extreme sleep deprivation if only they had been briefed on it.

Two of the committee's seven Democrats are supporting Haspel, including Virginia's Sen. "I'm pleased to see the Committee favorably report her nomination to the full Senate, and I look forward to her swift confirmation", he said.

The document States that for Haspel voted ten members of the Committee.

Despite criticism - including from Republican Senators Rand Paul and John McCain - because of her ties to the CIA's former harsh interrogation program for terrorism suspects, Haspel is expected to win confirmation as the first woman to lead the spy agency.

Richard Burr, the committee's Republican chairman, praised Haspel in a statement after the vote, saying she "has acted morally, ethically, and legally" during her 33-year Central Intelligence Agency career. Republicans leaders in the Senate want to hold that vote before the end of the week.

Haspel has served as acting director of the intelligence-gathering agency after former Director Mike Pompeo was appointed as secretary of state last month.

"She has acted morally, ethically, and legally, over a distinguished 30-year career and is the right person to lead the Agency into an uncertain and challenging future".

Haspel now has more than enough support to win confirmation, as Warner was one of three Democrats to announce Tuesday that they were voting for her, bringing the total to five.

"The definition of moral courage is doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons when no one's looking".

The fight has mostly centered on her involvement in the CIA's Bush-era enhanced interrogation program.

The interrogation program became one of the darkest chapters of the CIA's history and tainted America's image worldwide after the September 11 attacks.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, pauses for reporters following a weekly GOP policy lunch on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

"I believe that she will be a strong advocate for the agency's workforce, and an independent voice who can and will stand up on behalf of our nation's intelligence community", he said. In fact, Haspel's claims (in both the hearing and her follow-up answers) that torture did not appear on those tapes suggest that perhaps someone at the black site she ran had made the tapes unreadable in 2002.

With a positive committee vote, the full Senate could vote on Haspel's confirmation as early as Thursday, according to Senate aides, although that would require cooperation from senators to waive the chamber's procedural hurdles for a quick vote.

The refusal to declassify the matters, Wyden said, has "only to do with protecting her own image".

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