Published: Tue, May 22, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

South Korean "Decapitation Plan" In Trouble Following Detente With North

South Korean

Moon will return to South Korea early Thursday.

Moon's government led efforts to resume dialogue with North Korea and gave enthusiastic accounts of its encounters with Kim, spurring Trump to accept an offer of a first-ever meeting between US and North Korean presidents.

North Korea abruptly suspended high-level talks with the South last week, citing an ongoing joint military exercise of the two allies.

This April 20, 2018, satellite image provided by DigitalGlobe shows the nuclear test site in Punggye-ri, North Korea. But that self-congratulation could come back to haunt him. Within years, Gadhafi was overthrown and killed by rebels backed by Washington.

Trump's neck and chin appears to be much firmer.

The coin announces Kim's title as "supreme leader", despite there being no official position with that name in North Korea.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the USA president is asking aides and advisers whether he should continue to go forward with the summit. For Kim, meeting a USA president is a legitimizing win, lending his country previously unattainable global credibility.

Diplomats and North Korea experts, however, say this was entirely predictable.

Additionally, Trump is reportedly not thrilled about preparing for the summit, which is expected to cover not only the issue of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula but virtually every major flashpoint in East Asian geopolitics.

"I suspect President Trump has some tough questions for President Moon that he'd prefer to ask privately, given the lack of clarity on what the North Koreans will agree to - and the latest chess move by the North Koreans to threaten to cancel the June 12 summit", said Jean Lee, the Korea Center program director at the Wilson Center.

Some officials in Washington, speaking on condition of not being named, also blame South Korean officials for initially overselling to Trump the willingness of the North Korean leader to denuclearize. If not, the North would face what Trump called "total decimation".

Mark Seddon, former speechwriter to UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon and Adjunct Professor in International Relations at the University of Columbia, NY, told HuffPost UK: "Their aim to ensure copper bottomed guarantees for the security of their deeply repressive regime".

"Bolton created a mess by bringing up the 'Libya Model, ' which is deeply dreaded by Pyongyang", Lee said, adding he actually considered Kim Kye Gwan's response "low-key" in the circumstances. "If Trump were less vain and had allowed his national security staff to vet the NK offer, he might have learned this". That energy poverty kept North Korea's greenhouse gas emissions at 63.8 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2013, while South Korea put out 673.5 MtCO2e - more than 10 times as much.

South Korea has reasons to push for diplomacy with North Korea, not least of which is that its citizens would be likely to bear the brunt of the suffering and death if war broke out.

The North Korean Red Cross also demanded repatriation of 13 North Koreans who defected to the South in 2016 after working at a restaurant in China. The statement carried by North Korean state media explicitly stated that the president and his team have missed the point, arguing that claims the "maximum pressure" strategy have forced a weakened North Korea to the negotiating table are misguided and stressing that it will not trade away its nuclear arsenal for economic salvation from sanctions.

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