Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Taraji P Henson & boyfriend are engaged

Taraji P Henson & boyfriend are engaged

Detailing how the romantic situation played out, Taraji told U.S. TV show Extra that Kelvin had taken her to the Chicago restaurant where they had their first date, where he'd set up an entire scene for the proposal.

"I said yes Y'all!"

Empire and Hidden Figures star Taraji P Henson has revealed she is engaged to former American footballer Kelvin Hayden.

"The previous day, Kelvin had treated Taraji to matching gold bracelets, and she shared a picture of them holding hands while wearing them on Instagram with the caption, "#ForeverKindaLove", with more lips emojis.

"I remember him grabbing me one night and he was like, 'Woman, you sure you want to get married?' And I was like, 'Why do you keep asking me the same question?" I just didn't know when. "I didn't put it together until we went into the party room after we ate, and I saw a violinist, 'cause he was trying to say it was his friend's birthday - which it was, on Friday - 'Oh, Ronald's gonna have a little get-together in the back room.' And I was like, 'Aw, that's ideal". I just am. We've been together for two years. "You need to go out'".

The pair has been quietly dating since 2015. That's a lot of gifts for one day (and we're totally jealous). He won a Super Bowl for that team in 2007.

The star had been in Atlanta filming What Males Need when she first instructed Hayden that she was pondering of coming dwelling for Mom's Day.

"I go back there, and I go, 'Ronald's not into violins, what's going on here?'" Henson continued.

"Individuals are hitting me up", she joked about their upcoming marriage ceremony. "That's a big move right there for her'".

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