Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Terry Crews Thanks Mark Hamill For Helping To Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry Crews Thanks Mark Hamill For Helping To Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After Fox canceled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on Friday, NBC picked it up for its sixth season. It was confirmed on Thursday, May 10 that the police sitcom, starring Andy Samberg, Chelsea Peretti and Terry Crews, had been canceled by FOX after five seasons.

"Renew 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' I only watch like 4 things".

"Ultimately we felt we did not have the exact right place to schedule", the show having performed best on Sunday, where Fox chose to give animated Bob's Burgers the plum time period and "chance to grow".

With all of this positivity and love being spread around by NBC, one has to wonder if Brooklyn Nine-Nine is really on the bubble when it comes to a seventh season at all.

That should give those five new entertainment series on the two networks more time to be promoted and a better chance to succeed in a climate that is increasingly hard for more shows to catch on.

We'll just have to hope that whatever show is cancelled at that point either deserved it, or that it will get picked up by another rival network.

The entry of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in NBC's lineup means that series co-creator Schur already has three comedies on the network. As noted by Vulture, there was a lot of bargaining behind the scenes, as the show's producers acknowledged the "outpouring of grief" from fans around the world, and tried to negotiate some sort of a deal that would keep the series on television.

NBC has ordered a 13-episode sixth season for the 2018-2019 season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving to NBC is not necessarily a win for Hulu, but it's definitely not a loss, and one they would have suffered has the series not been saved at NBC. Apparently, he is also a big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and he has tweeted about the show prior to its cancellation, including congratulating the cast when the former Fox show hit 100 episodes earlier this year. "We can't thank you - or [NBC] - enough", he posted. "It wouldn't have happened without you".

While critically acclaimed, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was never a huge ratings bringer over at Fox, which is one of the reasons its cancellation was not a huge surprise.

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