Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

The Pope about the events in Gaza: "Violence never leads to peace"

The Pope about the events in Gaza:

The priest who summarized the findings at the evening meeting told the pope that a lack of education in the faith was identified by numerous groups; that lack was seen regarding basic Church teachings but also regarding how the Gospel and its values could be brought to bear on modern problems.

During the cathechesis, the pope explained the significance of the white garment worn when receiving the sacrament. "As the flame of the paschal candle gives light to individual candles, so the love of the Risen Lord inflames the hearts of the baptized, filling them with light and heat".

He also emphasized the right of children to a Christian education and the responsibility of parents and godparents to provide this and to nourish in children the baptismal graces, helping them to persevere in the faith. He said it expresses new life as creatures who reflect the glory of God. Calling for a "revolution of tenderness" in parishes and the diocese, Pope Francis said that while "guiding a Christian community is the specific task of the ordained minister - the pastor - pastoral care is based in baptism and blossoms from brotherhood and is not the task only of the pastor and priests, but of all the baptized". This is what he said when greeting a group of retired soldiers from World War II. In the last century, there were two big ones. "We never learn", he said with regret. They met with Francis for some 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, when the pope handed then a 9-page theological reflection for them to pray and meditate on, and for a few hours on Wednesday in the afternoon.

He said, "I express my great pain for the dead and wounded and I am close in prayer and affection to all those who are suffering".

The head of the Roman Catholic Church also said: "I Repeat once again that violence never leads to peace".

He expressed his deep concern "at the escalation of tension in the Holy Land and in the Middle East, and the spiral of violence that is moving away further from the path of peace, dialogue and negotiation". "War incites war, violence incites violence".

"I invite all the parties involved and the worldwide community to renew their commitment so that dialogue, justice, and peace prevail", he said.

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