Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver

"Did you, Mr. Quinn, or any other AT&T executives meet with Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump or any other executives of the Trump Organization on January 12, 2017?" the Democrats wrote.

Oliver proceeded to mock AT&T, which is now in a legal battle with the Justice Department over its proposed merger with HBO's parent company, Time Warner, for the company's statement addressing the controversy, saying that they paid Cohen to "provide insights into understanding the new administration". A federal judge ruled last month that a "special master" could review the materials seized before federal prosecutors got them in order to determine if any business documents or records were covered by attorney-client privilege.

"We begin tonight with the Trump White House", Oliver said, "the only home in America where the next occupant will have to ask, 'What's the best way to get cum stains out of Abe Lincoln's ghost?'" They pulled out of the Iran deal, which may turn out to be catastrophic. Several other businesses, including the Swiss drugmaker Novartis and an American company linked to a Russian oligarch, also sent payments to Mr. Cohen's company.

Meanwhile, Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti outed Cohen on Twitter last night.

Cohen was paid $50,000 per month in the contract, which ran from January to December of previous year, AT&T said.

"If you want to understand this president's thinking", Oliver said, "simply have a donkey kick you in the head five times and then watch Fox News for 72 hours straight".

"Novartis paid Mr. Cohen hundreds of thousands of dollars more than it paid its big-shot lobbyists in Washington". When you review the facts of the payments and who made those payments to Cohen, there is no escaping the reality that is potentially very ugly. I'm closest to the president. The senators said the payments "raise obvious questions about corruption and whether AT&T, Essential Consultants and the Trump administration were engaged in a pay-for-play operation".

"Donald Trump's personal lawyer and a lawyer so sh--y, he made Trump say, 'I need someone good - get me Rudy Giuliani on the phone, '" Oliver joked.

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