Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

WhatsApp Introduces New Group Chat Features, Improved Admin Controls

WhatsApp Introduces New Group Chat Features, Improved Admin Controls

Some of the new features include better admin control, participant search, group catch up, and more. WhatsApp now lets the group admin write a short description of the group, setting the guidelines and objective in the process. For example, the update brings with it new "admin controls" which let those in control determine who has the ability to adjust the group chat's icon, subject, or description.

Admins can now remove admin permissions of other group participants, and group creators can no longer be removed from the group they started. With Participant search, users can find anyone in a group by searching for them on the info page.

Moreover, WhatsApp has also introduced protection so users can't be repeatedly added to groups they have left. iOS users can grab the latest version at the following App Store link. Most of these new WhatsApp group features have been seen in prior Android beta builds, stable builds on either platform, or have been spotted in development but were disabled by default.

Want to know who is participating in a group chat on WhatsApp? These features will be available to both the existing and new groups. This one's certainly going to bring in a huge relief to those who just don't want to be a part of certain groups but had no way of getting rid of them.

Six new features have been added to WhatsApp Group. The feature is given under Group settings.

While these changes to WhatsApp group chat have generally been well-received, there have been some actions from the company in the past few months that have drawn the ire of a significant population in India. Tapping on this '@' button will take you to those messages to help you quickly read and reply to them.

All the aforementioned features are now available for Android and iPhone users.

WhatsApp has also made it easier for people to search for group participants online. At the same time group creators can not be removed from the group they have started.

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