Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Xiaomi's smart home products now work with the Google Assistant

Xiaomi's smart home products now work with the Google Assistant

As Xiaomi noted in a blog post, all of these "smart home products will now work with the Google Assistant, allowing users to control products through a smart speaker, like the Google Home, or with the Google Assistant app". It's a promised 16 million color customizations and, consequently, can be configured for various surroundings, moods, or consumer preferences. "The initial selection of compatible products includes Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi LED Smart Bulb and Mi Smart Plug, which will be coming to the U.S soon!" It's a touch-sensitive panel on the top and, today, Google Assistant may be utilized to run the Bedside Lamp via voice management.

The Mi LED clever Bulb also supports 16 million colors.

"Xiaomi's unique eco system approach has produced an all-inclusive package of products that are devoted to our own telephones and also include mobile peripherals, clever hardware and lifestyle products ranging from rice cookers to gym trackers".

Xiaomi's head of global Wan Xiang also announced that the USA customers can expect a lot more products to come along. The Wi-Fi plug, on the other hand, will help you turn non-smart devices into connected 21st century appliances, and make it possible for you to turn said devices on and off by voice command.

The company announced that they will be bringing smart home devices to the USA market. The company didn't immediately confirm pricing and availability.

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that's looking to raise as much as $10 billion in a Hong Kong IPO, is continuing to grow its presence in the American market after it announced plans to bring its smart home products to the U.S.

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