Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

In Google IO 2018, the search giant had introduced a Wellbeing initiative to help users comprehend that their digital habits and curb device addiction.

These new features will not be the final ones from Google created to help make people shut down their phone for just a little while. Today, the brand new version of the YouTube cellular program started rolling out, which included several features in keeping with this new motif. YouTube appears to be a part of that initiative by Google as the new update to YouTube for Android brings a "Take A Break" feature. With the rollout, this update YouTube will allow the users to set reminders at a specific interval of time. Users can select the time they feel they can devote to YouTube and get all the notifications at that particular time.

Google has added a feature to the Android app which lets you tell the app to notify you if you're on there for too much. Other features coming down the pike include Program Timers, which will let you set time limits on using apps, and Shush, which should stop all alarms and vibrations whenever a telephone is put on a table or other surface with down the screen. If you want to choose the delivery time for the digests in the settings, then head to Settings Notifications Scheduled Digest. This won't close the app or pause the video, though, and it's up to you whether or not you will continue procrastinating. YouTube will also let the users to let change their behaviour of exploring the YouTube's contents. You can schedule it manually at any time between 15 minutes and 3 hours.

It seems like Google has rolled out this feature to a limited number of users. The Take a rest feature could be accessed by heading to options General, and also the notifications feature can be found at options Notifications.

In addition, there are just two added features inside the new YouTube notifications menu.

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