Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Amazon Prime Savings Come To Whole Foods Stores In 10 More States

Amazon Prime Savings Come To Whole Foods Stores In 10 More States

Major cities like Dallas and San Francisco now support Prime Now grocery delivery from Whole Foods stores, as well.

The new service also further perpetuates business worries felt by other Philadelphia-area grocers, which have revved up delivery service options with online partners in the year since Amazon purchased Whole Foods.

Amazon's invasion of Whole Foods Market will continue unabated this week. The service launched earlier this year with plans for expansion across the USA throughout 2018.

Amazon and Whole Foods said two-hour delivery for Prime members is now available in four more cities. Plus, Whole Foods has launched even more discounts on some of the store's best-selling products.

The offer applies to orders over $35.

With the expansion, Whole Foods stores in 23 states will have integrated Prime benefits at checkout.

The grocery chain will expand its Prime-exclusive discounts to 10 new states Wednesday.

In May, the company said it was planning "weekly deep discounts on select best-selling items" for Prime members. "Based on the positive customer feedback and successes we've seen over the past month, we're accelerating our timeline to expand these savings to all of our USA stores". Users of that service generally have to place orders a day or two in advance and to await delivery within a two-hour window that they reserve. From there you can show the in-app Prime Code at checkout or enter your phone number to save.

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