Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Apple announces watchOS 5 at WWDC

Apple announces watchOS 5 at WWDC

WWDC is happening right now, as we'll be updating this post live as more details are announced. The new OS demands a dual-core processor, absent only from the first Watch, and is expected to end support for watchOS 1 apps as well.

When is it out?

Apple just announced the next-gen software at WWDC 2018 and as expected it's titled watchOS 5. You can add friends with an Apple Watch.

Own an original Apple Watch? You won't be able to speak over one-another. Siri Shortcuts are also going to be available on watchOS.

When the Apple Watch was first introduced in the year 2014, Apple revealed a Walkie-Talkie feature.

Above you'll see a screen-grab from the Internet Archive. The same applies to ending exercise-tracking.

The Apple Watch is also getting Automatic Workout Detection.

It means you can start your workout and you'll get a notification from your wrist asking if you want to start an activity within the Workouts app. You can win stickers when you beat them.

What workouts are getting this feature is now unclear, but we know it's coming to Outdoor Running.

There are also new workout types like yoga and hiking.

There's a ton of other features, too.

As usual, there are lots of new features that have to do with fitness tracking, and one of those features is Competitions.

Instead, this Walkie-Talkie system is more like a sending and receiving of voice messages.

The Siri watch face is getting a few upgrades that are meant to show more useful shortcuts throughout the day at different times.

Either that, or it's something the company is holding back for a future watchOS 5 update or perhaps even watchOS 6. All you'll have to do is raise the Watch and ask it something.

Another new feature with Siri is that you no longer have to say "Hey, Siri".

The Pride watch band and face.

The Podcasts app is finally coming to the Apple Watch. Now, you'll be able to play your favorite podcasts without having your phone with you. Better still, these can come through third party apps, that implement Apple's new APIs. Alerts about flights will now let you check in, and Uber alerts will let you pay for trips with Apple Pay. Still, it is worth noting that Apple is not offering a full-featured browser experience. This year also does things do not seem to be very different.

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