Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Battlefield V will have battle royale

Battlefield V will have battle royale

The news was confirmed today at publisher EA's E3 press conference, introduced by developers from DICE as simply "royale", and as something fans have been asking for.

Today's press conference also reiterated the message of "no loot boxes, no premium passes" for the upcoming first person shooter.

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Battlefield V bring the series back to World War Two and, dear God, has playable women. The idea to add a battle royale mode to Battlefield V came from conversations DICE developers were having about the game inside the studio as opposed to being a directive that EA handed down to the studio, he suggested.

No gameplay footage was revealed but DICE said more news on Battlefield 5 Battle Royale will be revealed later this year. Don't expect to hide from tanks in buildings, because they can just smash through them now.

EA's preview of Battlefield V also stressed a faster and more active multiplayer.

The popular game dev took to Twitter to welcome the "old friend" to the Battle Royale business, in all caps, with a "less than three" heart capped at the end. At any rate, it remains to be seen if Greene will make any additional comments about what he thinks about the new battle royale modes popping up left and right.

Battlefield V will launch on October 19, and players who pre-order will be able to join the Open Beta for early access to the game.

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