Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

E3 2018: Skull and Bones looks fabulous in this new trailer

E3 2018: Skull and Bones looks fabulous in this new trailer

Assassin's Creed Odyssey indeed takes place in Greece, and once again fully embraces the same RPG elements seen in its predecessor.

Ubisoft is showcasing new content from some of its highly-anticipated titles and announcing exciting new games at E3 today. We expected that; we can't be mad.

After the initial trailer, Ubisoft then showcased a full, almost 10-minute long gameplay walkthrough that showcases a ton of what the game will have to offer, including hefty dialogue, tons of weapon options, and a variety of other new additions that fans of the series will no doubt love. Also, the protagonist is a direct descendant of the First Civilization bloodline. They also share the same storyline.

Ubisoft's biggest surprise might have been spoiled long before its E3 press conference began (thanks to a keychain, no less), but that didn't stop the studio from putting on one of the most entertaining events so far.

You can download the For Honor: Starter Edition free on PC from June 11th - June 18th via Uplay. Finally, there will be a new mode called Breach, bringing 4v4 castle siege battles to the game. Preload is already available so you can have it ready by then.

The description also encouraged fans to watch the game's world premiere trailer, which has yet to actually premiere.

In Assassin's Creed Syndicate, the characters would switch between Evie and Jacob. The game features everything from the "snowy mountain peaks" to the "depths of the Aegean Sea", according to Ubisoft, which says it set the game during Greece's Golden Age. This is good though as both its graphics and gameplay as well as its soundtrack look promising.

Ubisoft shared that their team in Quebec has spent three years working on this game, busy making this Assassin's Creed even more different than previous games in the franchise.

This marks pretty much everything that happened during Ubisoft E3 2018 stage time.

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