Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Everything Square Enix announced at its E3 2018 press briefing

Everything Square Enix announced at its E3 2018 press briefing

Square Enix's E3 presentation is now over as quickly as it started, and many people are sounding off about the conference with some calling it the worst one of this year's E3. However, Square Enix and Human Head have not confirmed the extent of the studio's involvement with this project. Likewise, another look at the twee and free The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit from Dontnod added more intrigue to the Life Is Strange companion piece, but again: we already knew about these games. That was followed up by more refined gameplay of Lara using stealth tactics in the jungle. Grappling, wall-running, and full underwater swimming will also be included as well as the largest hub world. The title is Babylon's Fall, and you can see a brief teaser below. The trailer transitions from live action to computer graphics during the fight, and back to live action once the fight is over, with the words "silence rings loudest" popping up onto the screen. The story follows a man who has had grief and tragedy follow him since birth. The Quiet Man is a weird pitch but a new IP, which I will always approve of.

A new trailer for "Dragon Quest XI" showcases the hero's journey in the upcoming RPG and shows off the gorgeous animations in the game.

However, it doesn't look too good for people living outside Japan, where Square Enix now has it listed as part of a lottery scheme it's now running.

During its press briefing, the company fed out more details on the long-awaited cartoon/JRPG fusion Kingdom Hearts 3 ... and some other things.

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