Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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Ewan McGregor to Star in The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

Ewan McGregor to Star in The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

McGregor reportedly has King's blessing for the part.

Although Stanley Kubrick's The Shining became a cult classic, King was famously dissatisfied with the 1980 adaptation, and went on to write his own 1997 television miniseries.

Danny's right here, Mrs. Torrance - and he looks like Ewan McGregor now.

The Doctor Sleep movie was first announced earlier this year with Mike Flanagan (Gerald's Game) attached to direct. Flanagan previously directed an adaptation of another of Stephen King's novels for Netflix, so clearly someone thought he did a good job. McGregor will play the adult version of Danny Torrence, the terrified tot plagued by psychic powers who you probably remember best for screaming "Redrum" while he watched his father descend into a murderous rage.

In September of 2013, Stephen King released his sequel to his 1977 bestseller The Shining.

Published 36 years after The Shining, Doctor Sleep follows an adult Danny Torrance from the original novel. He works as a hospice nurse, using his psychic powers to ease the transition for dying patients, but he's also fighting for sobriety, the same addiction that made his dad so vulnerable to the evil forces lingering around the Overlook Hotel decades before. During this time, he develops a connection with a young girl, Abra Stone, who comes to possess the same Shining abilities as he does.

McGregor can next be seen in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" adaptation "Christopher Robin".

Doctor Sleep is scheduled for a 2020 release.

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