Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Google Home can now handle up to three queries at a time

Google Home can now handle up to three queries at a time

I am not sure how long this has been live as Google didn't announce it and we haven't been testing it, but I think it's relatively new as the support page still says this won't work. For instance, you will be able to say, "Ok Google, switch on the lights and play music and turn up the volume", all in one go, and Google Assistant will do all that for you. The company previously upgraded the Assistant-powered Google Home in December to handle up to two queries at the same time. As first noted by Android Police, Home users are noting that the device can better understand multiple commands compared to what we used to have.

This particular feature is rolling out right now, but only for English speakers in the United States. But, as per a TechCrunch report, Google has informed that it is planning to support more languages, but there's nothing more to announce at the moment. To use the feature just link different queries by saying "and" between commands. Each command must also be the sort of thing Google Assistant can respond to on its own without further input or clarification.

Last year, Google made it easier to interact with your Google Home or Home Mini smart speaker by allowing users to chain up to two commands together, instead of separately spelling out each query.

Adding a third request could save time for people who have a lot of smart home appliances controlled by their Google Home, according to CNET.

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