Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Hitman 2 Is Coming Out This November

Hitman 2 Is Coming Out This November

There will be "tons and tons of post-launch content". IO Interactive has done a fantastic job with the Hitman franchise, and this new game will provide a distinct gameplay experience for players to be creative in larger sandbox locations.

The accompanying press release included a comment from Warner Bros.

David Haddad, the President of Warner Bros.

One of the most notable things to come from this announcement is that Hitman 2 will not be released episodically like its predecessor.

The next installment in the Hitman series has been announced.

Christian Elverdam, CEO of IO Interactive, said the Hitman team always had the ambition to release "a story spanning multiple games".

We are thrilled to partner with IO Interactive on Hitman 2 and bring the latest game in this iconic franchise to the passionate Hitman fan base and new players.

The game will include several global locations, including Miami, which is the settings for today's reveal.

For those wannabe assassins who fancy some physical swag, you'll get everything from the Hitman 2 Collector's Edition bundled into an Agent 47-style guncase, a bullet keyring, rubber duck (yes, really!) and a signature coin. Pre-ordering any version of the game gets you immediate access to the co-op Sniper Assassin Mode.

The Silver and Gold editions include some additional add-ons.

Pre-ordering the Hitman 2 Gold Edition nets you four day early access.

Coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Hitman 2 adds a whole host of new locations like a race track in Miami, and some rainforests, as well as a standalone co-op mode called Sniper Assassin.

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