Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

IHOP Is Changing Its Name to IHOB and Twitter Is Shook

IHOP Is Changing Its Name to IHOB and Twitter Is Shook

IHOP announced on Twitter that it plans to change its name on June 11 from IHOP to the IHob, but they didn't clarify what the mysterious "b" will stand for yet. Some suggested the "b" could stand for breakfast, bancakes or burritos - and a few other inappropriate proposals too.

IHOP, or IHOb as it is now referring to itself as, even launched an online poll in which Twitter users could guess whether the "b" stood for biscuits, bacon, butternut squash or barnacles and at the moment it seems as if bacon and barnacles are the two most popular choices. But for the Arab's on Twitter it made flawless sense, hysterically. IHOP will release more on Monday.

"Or International House of OB tampons".

And now 45 years later, IHOP appears to be heading for another tweak.

Once IHOP revealed on Twitter about the name change and "p" is soon going to be replaced with "b", speculations started doing rounds.

Found in suburban Los Angeles in 1958, the International House of Pancakes shortened its name to IHOP in 1973, according to the company's website. The restaurant chain has about 1,650 locations.

The place for pancakes won't necessarily be just for pancakes after June 11th, as it replaces the "P" with a "B" to become IHOB.

When a tweet from Patrick Ford begged the company to "stop b-ing elusive and tell me what is the answer b!", the company responded, "batience, Batrick, batience".

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