Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
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In Trump's Madness, There's Opportunity in Korea: Bruce Cumings

In Trump's Madness, There's Opportunity in Korea: Bruce Cumings

For Kim Jong Un, it is his nuclear weapons that brought Trump to the table.

To see whether Trump's bully pulpit was enough to overcome Americans' near-universal loathing of the North Korean leaders, we asked our survey respondents about Trump's description of Kim Jong Un as having a "great personality" and being "very smart".

Trump said not only was a pullout not discussed, the U.S. "is not drawing down at all".

The president had previously mocked Chairman Kim during public appearances and regularly referred to him as "little rocket man" and said he was on a "suicide mission".

"But we have made very clear that the sanctions and the economic relief that North Korea will receive will only happen after the full denuclearisation, the complete denuclearisation of North Korea". He added that the response was "almost immediate".

Trump dodged trying to say North Korea was a "tough country" with "tough people".

McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the United States should not be making any concessions - or ease up on sanctions - until North Korea "takes concrete steps" toward denuclearization and addresses its human rights violations.

Just 28 percent of those surveyed in the HuffPost/YouGov poll say the USA government got most or all of what it wanted out of the summit, while 43 percent say the US got only some or nothing.

"We're going to get denuclearization", he said. While Trump supporters will tout it as a major achievement, his detractors will find that much of it is a repetition of earlier communiques signed by the two countries under former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama that didn't produce any results.

Trump has also been widely criticized for his friendliness toward North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during and after the summit.

Trump's move had caught South Korean officials off guard, but they said a halt in the drills was needed while dialogue with the North was underway. They are: manufacturers in the now closed Gaeseong industrial complex, electricity producers, fertilizer makers, railway stocks, gas companies, tour operators for North Korea's Mt. Geumgang, a scenic mountain that has been opened to tourists from the South in the past, and companies related to the development of the Korean demilitarized zone. The most fundamental difference appears to relate to the basic premise of the deal: Does North Korea give up nuclear weapons first, in exchange for a better relationship?

Yun Sun, co-director of the East Asia Programme and Director of the China Programme at the Stimson Centre, said that the security guarantees North Korea wanted could mean "anything from the negotiation of a peace treaty to a United States commitment to no invasions and no regime change".

The Korean Central Television documentary also showed crowds of cheering people as Mr Kim left Pyongyang, and the leader aboard his Air China flight. Pompeo is believed to have provided briefings on specific communications at the U.S.

"Only five months ago, based on my conversations with this administration, I thought we were headed down an inexorable path toward a devastating war", Victor Cha, who was considered for the role of USA ambassador to South Korea for nearly a year by the Trump administration before being passed over, wrote in The New York Times on Tuesday.

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