Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Johnny Depp sparks concern from fans after gaunt pictures go viral

Johnny Depp sparks concern from fans after gaunt pictures go viral

He posted with fans at the Four Seasons at the time.

The fans took to social media to say that Depp looked very thin and pale.

The actor appeared similarly frail in a photo he took with a fan in Germany.

"BE PRAYING.HE'S SOOO THIN!" one fan commented.

Amber Heard showed off her flawless figure in a bathing suit as fans have been concerned about her ex, Johnny Depp's health, after a shocking photo of him surfaced over the weekend!

Others proposed that the only reason that Depp appears to be ill is due to his shaved head and facial hair. "The first time I shaved after people only seeing me with facial hair (and hair on my head, I shaved my head too) everyone thought I was sick and dying", one commenter wrote on the photo from Russian Federation. "F**k me is that Johnny Depp?" said another.

Or could Depp's years of reported hard living, and recent legal disputes and scandals be catching up with him?

Aside from the lawsuits, Depp has been dealing with the finalization of his divorce settlement, as well as the death of his mother in 2016.

Still, he signed autographs and posed for pictures with his fans, many of whom have stuck by him over the years including when his ex-wife Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against the actor amid allegations he was physically and verbally abusive towards her during their marriage.

THR has reached out to the actor's representatives for comment.

Depp does indeed play a terminally ill academic in a forthcoming movie, Richard Says Goodbye, but that wrapped previous year. Depp's music and film career seems to be thriving, and he doesn't owe anyone an explanation about the changes to his appearance.

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