Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Kim Kardashian West meets woman she helped free from prison

Kim Kardashian West meets woman she helped free from prison

I said to her, 'Is there anything we can do?

Johnson and Kardashian are slated to appear together on Thursday's episode of the "Today" show.

Kim Kardashian West has met the woman she helped free from prison after 21 years.

That commutation came just days after Kardashian West, who said she became interested in Johnson after seeing a story about her months ago on Twitter, pleaded Johnson's case to Trump in the Oval Office.

"I first said that I am here because I really want to know why you kicked Khloe [Kardashian] off The Apprentice, and he laughed and it broke the ice and then he got focused", Kardashian West quipped of her sister's time on Trump's reality competition show.

Yesterday Kim Kardashian flew from Los Angeles to Memphis to finally meet Alice Marie Johnson in person. I was dancing. I was jumping.

The unbelievable thing about the pair's journey together is that when Johnson was first approached by Kardashian West, she admitted she didn't recognize her name.

"As soon as I found out who she was, I started getting every magazine I could find".

"I can't stop. I can't stop", Johnson said. Are you ready to go home?' When she said that, I went into full fledge Pentecostal holy dance!

Johnson, for her part, said she had no idea who Kardashian West was when she first learned the celebrity was helping her case. "She was kind of quiet on the phone, and I know her personality enough to know that she would've been screaming or something".

'It was wonderful. I'm so glad that she was the one who was able to deliver the news to me.

Despite being locked away for what Johnson thought would be the rest of her life, she told Hoda she never gave up. "I started reading everything that I could about her and everyone was amazed and I was amazed too".

Last week, an emotional Johnson marveled at her freedom after more than two decades behind bars, grateful for a second chance - and craving seafood. And I can't stop.

A brief sneak-peek clip from the interview reveals there's a lot of affection between Kardashian and the 63-year-old grandmother, who had been imprisoned since 1996 after receiving a life sentence for cocaine trafficking despite being a non-violent offender with no prior arrests.

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