Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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LEVY: Wynne admits Liberals not in the running

LEVY: Wynne admits Liberals not in the running

Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, speaks in Sault Ste. "And her request today for a minority government is a demand that she be allowed to continue to hold the power at Queen's Park - something voters have already rejected", Horwath noted in a statement.

"They are anxious about a majority NDP government, and they want to know what it would mean to cast their vote for Liberal and what I'm saying is, 'Yeah, it looks like I'm not going to be the premier".

Wynne herself, in a postmortem interview with Cynthia Mulligan of CityNews, said that she would stay on as MPP for her riding of Don Valley West if she wins it.

But Wynne says people should vote Liberal to prevent the NDP or PC from securing a majority.

"By voting Liberal you can keep the next government - Conservative or NDP - accountable to you", she said, adding that voters are anxious about giving the New Democrats' Andrea Horwath or the Tories' Doug Ford "too much power".

"If regular rank-and-file Liberal supporters going in to cast their ballots realized that the Liberals had absolutely no hope to win, the natural vote for them might have been to park their vote with the NDP, which might have helped push the NDP up ahead of the (Progressive) Conservatives, to even win this election", Cochrane says. After 15 years of Liberal governments, Ontarians are throwing them out of office, and Wynne with them. We have a terrific team of local candidates, they deserve your support.

The decision was a hard one to make, she said, but seemed to be the only solution in an election where voters appear set on a new government but reluctant to fully hand over the reins to either of her rivals. But as the polls painted an increasingly grim picture, she was forced to come to terms with her own waning popularity. They will fight for your votes. "Let's not go from bad to worse". "Andrea is the kind of leader we need and the NDP's plan will make Ontario a stronger province", said Warren.

Ford, meanwhile, had little to say about Wynne's announcement, noting only that the election is about change and people are fed up with the Liberals.

In her latest campaign strategy, Wynne has addressed that fact that she is not well liked.

"I mean there may be from the outside an analysis that says I'm cynical, but I don't go into this cynically".

What was very clear today that Kathleen Wynne cares more about her political party than stopping Ford. "We will fix this".

"I don't know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won't be me", Wynne told reporters, after polls put her in a distant third place behind the Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath's New Democrats.

By taking the blame, Wynne could be saving some of her key candidates who otherwise might have been tarnished by public opinion of her, Small said. The worry for the party is that the Liberals could lose official party status, with some polls suggesting the Liberals could win fewer than the required eight seats.

"So I think electorally, it's strategic, but as a leader of a party, I actually think it's really selfless".

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