Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Lions, tigers, jaguar escape German zoo

Lions, tigers, jaguar escape German zoo

The animals are said to have escaped when when a storm hit the area and caused floods.

Police have shot dead a bear and are searching for two lions, two tigers and a jaguar that broke out of their cages in a German zoo.

Police killed a bear after the breakout, but the big cats remained on the loose until authorities using a drone managed to corral them on the zoo's premises in the town of Lünebach, according to The Local.

A bear, which also broke out of the Eifel Zoo in Luenebach, was shot dead. Local residents were advised to stay in their homes and to call the police if they saw the animals.

The Eifel Zoo in Luenebach is located in the west of Rhineland-Palatinate, about 50 kilometres north of Trier.

Part of a local motorway had been blocked off due to high waters, and a train was derailed although no injuries were reported.

Eifel Zoo has nearly 400 animals of 60 exotic and native species, including lions, tigers, and other big cats on its 30-acre site. One was captured, the other shot dead.

This June 28, 2016 image show the lions Malor (behind) and the mother Lira in their enclosure in the Eifel Zoo, western Germany.

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