Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

No need to panic about Nipah in state: IMA

No need to panic about Nipah in state: IMA

An official said the woman had accompanied a patient to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital where a Nipah-affected person was being treated.

The deadly Nipah virus has claimed 16 lives in the region so far.

KK Shylaja, the Health Minister of the state, says Keralites do not need to panic, but people who are or were in contact with an infected person should admit themselves if any symptom occurs.

Union Health Minister J P Nadda Saturday reviewed the situation in Kerala following the Nipah virus outbreak along with state health minister K K Shailaja.

"Research is needed to better understand the ecology of bats and NiV", stresses World Health Organization, adding that there are no specific treatments available for Nipah virus disease.

The human monoclonal antibody can be a potent weapon against the Nipah virus.

Health minister K K Shailaja said that those in contact with Nipah patients should be cautious till the end of the virus's incubation period and, hence, daily screening of these people has become essential to stop the spread of this unsafe virus.

Though the number of death following Nipah symptoms stood at 17, only 16 of them were confirmed to have been contracted the virus.

"The symptoms shown in case of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) are similar to symptoms found in cases of Japanese encephalitis as well as Nipah virus".

The virus is not widespread as of now and is limited to only two districts in Kerala.

The IMA voted with its feet while taking a 300-strong contingent to Thiruvananthapuram for its conference, boosting the morale of the state administration in no small measure. The student's sample tested negative after treatment, according to a report.

There are now, no vaccines or treatment for the Nipah virus infection in human beings.

Over 1,300 people, who had come in contact with the affected persons before the confirmation of the virus, are under observation.

Kerala is safe from the virus, Wankhedkar stated, adding that around 300 doctors arriving in the state for the conference was their own way of stating as much. "So far 1407 people are in the contact list".

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