Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Raccoon Scales 20 Stories of Minnesota Office Building, Terrifies Twitter

The critter was first spotted at the Town Square building in St. Paul, huddled in a nook above the sidewalk.

Amid hundreds of photos and retweets from fascinated and frightened pedestrians, the raccoon finally came to a stop on the ledge of a swanky 22nd floor office - just one floor below the top. At one point, a small crowd had gathered on the street to see what would happen next.

The UBS Plaza building is 25 stories tall. That's when it started climbing.

The raccoon then steadily ascended UBS Tower, taking the time to groom itself and lay down along the way.

A raccoon scaling the side of a skyscraper Tuesday has people all across the country watching its every move with bated breath.

There is a live trap on the roof of the building with some very aromatic cat food they hope will lure the raccoon to safety.

Meanwhile, someone who also is decidedly not the raccoon started a rival Twitter account. "We're working with staff & building owner to find a way to help #MPRraccoon without further endangering it or staff by scaring or making it feel threatened".

St. Paul Animal Control believes it may have been there all night before starting its climb.

An extremely courageous (or extremely stupid) raccoon scaled a Minnesota building on Tuesday, shocking onlookers and sending Twitter into an anxious frenzy.

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