Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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Tickets still available for World Cup, including England opener

Tickets still available for World Cup, including England opener

In a vote Wednesday at the FIFA Congress in Moscow, member associations voted in favour of the North American bid over that of Morocco.

Canada's only appearance at the World Cup came in 1986 when it loss all three of its games and crashed out in the first round. If the 2026 World Cup can propel MLS owners to make the necessary investment to build teams capable of winning over that considerable segment of non-believers, while convincing corporate America and the media establishment in the United States to buy in, there's no limit to how far the sport could go.

The 2026 tournament will return to the North American region 32 years after that US -hosted edition.

The U.S hosted the World Cup previously in 1994 while Mexico hosted it in 1970 and 1986.

The "United Bid" calls for the host 60 matches, including all games from the quarter-finals through to the final.

Although it would be the first tournament to be hosted by three nations, the vast majority of games will be held in the United States. "Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege".

Via Wikimedia Commons
Via Wikimedia Commons

"It's a bit emotional for us today", Carlos Cordeiro, president of U.S. Soccer, said after the vote. "It can probably look forward to support from Middle Eastern brands seeking to capitalise on the region's first World Cup". "The handsome game transcends borders and cultures".

"Football is the only victor".

Argentina's Nestor Pitana will referee the opening World Cup match on Thursday when hosts Russian Federation play Saudi Arabia, FIFA has announced. "It would be a shame if countries that we always support were to lobby against the USA bid".

Anxious that rivals might try to turn the vote into a referendum on Trump, who is deeply unpopular in many parts of the world, organizers of the North American bid took pains to dissociate their efforts from politics.

"I would like to reaffirm the determination of my country to continue to work for football and realise one day our dream to host the World Cup in Morocco". "We've had no backlash".

The North American bid was in better shape to host the World Cup.

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