Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Trio head home from ISS with football slated for World Cup

Trio head home from ISS with football slated for World Cup

With the Expedition 55 crew back, the Expedition 56 crew will operate the station and prepare for the arrival of three new crew members on June 8.

Shkaplerov will return to Moscow with a football he brought back from the space station.

Anton Shkaplerov, who was the first to be lifted and carried from the capsule, told the camera crew: "We are a bit exhausted but happy with what we have accomplished and happy to be back on Earth".

Around 9:40 p.m. on June 3 Japan time, Kanai, 41, landed safely in a steppe near Jezkazgan in central Kazakhstan aboard the Russian space capsule Soyuz, along with two other astronauts from Russia and the United States.

While it was the first mission for Tingle and Kanai, Shkaplerov has been on three flights so far and has logged 532 days in space. "We are glad the weather is sunny", said Shkaplerov in footage broadcast from the landing site.

Tingle and Kanai were to travel to the Kazakh city of Karaganda before leaving for Houston, Texas. He and another cosmonaut were filmed practicing with the ball aboard the ISS.

Live video provided by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration showed that Kanai was the last of the three to come out of the Soyuz.

Tingle also completed a spacewalk to mend the station's robotic arm.

Kanai of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency made life on the space station more accessible to Japanese-speakers by tweeting in the language most days.

NASA's Serena Aunon-Chancellor, Russia's Sergey Prokopyev, and Germany's Alexander Gerst, of the European Space Agency, will be the latest residents of the ISS.

The ISS, one of the few examples of cooperation between Russian Federation and the United States, has been in orbit since 1998, orbiting at a speed of 28,000 km/hour.

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